Business intelligence technology for tourism

This is what we do

Mygosun is a collaborative planner tool and a dynamic package enabler which aims to boost conversion rate of travel agencies. The key is we offer a white-label solution and a SaaS service in the cloud.

Planner group oriented

Offer in your website a collaborative planning tool and improve the user experience

Dynamic packaging

Personalize his experience, let him build their own package on line dinamically from your offer

Lead context

Exploit the context information to establish the proper communication with the user

Analysis and data mining

Analyze data from visitor activity in real time. Make offer he can't refuse

We help SME Travel agents compete in a global market

We provide tools that allow travel agencies provide a meaningful experience to the traveler, offer a tourist product tailored to the customer, analyze the activity of the visitors to their website and find relevant insights that help convert leads into customers. All of this, offered in service mode, to innovate without having to make a large investment in design and web development.

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For us it was essential to consider a collaborative tool for travelers in order to let them plan and design their experience by their own.

apie. Guied travel experiences

mygosun help us in qualify our leads, and convert them into customers.


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